About MP5T

“Less can be More if there is an extreme amount of “Less”.

“Normally, a driver feels more comfortable because he/she is in control and the passenger feels fear… I want both occupants to feel fear. The car must feel like it is constantly trying to kill me, then you know you are having fun!”

Each and every part is selected based on, Function and Reliability, Then It Must never stand out, seem out of place, and it must be part of the rest.

“I do not want a bunch of parts in a car, I want a Single Perfect Machine.”

Texas Mile Top Speed Mazda Protege, Gear Ratios for 325Km per hour at 7000 RPM
A Full out assault on Top Speed and Acceleration. A Grown-Up Kids Go-KART for the street.

Spring 2012…

Here is a Before 2012 and an After 2012 Engine Shot.

Rebild 2009 (4)

Valve Cover - (5)

New Everything, Bigger Turbo, Taller Gears, More HP, Less Weight

Hello, I am Brian. I have been working on my Mazda Protege5 since I bought it in 2002. There are not parts that were not specifically made custom for the car. Hardly any “Bolt-Ons”, and even if they were bolted on, they were either prototype parts or the only one made. I have installed a Haltech Sport 1000 with IQ3 racepak display.

I was the first person to install this engine management system on this engine running Direct Fire Ignition and Full Timed Sequential Injection.

2012 is saw some interesting additions. With the new GT 3071 turbo installed, most everything was upgraded or replaced. The original manifold was on the car for 10 years and needed to be replaced, with that, new Down Pipe, Hard Pipes, BOV, Wastegate, Turbo Back, Motor Mounts, Injectors, Intake Manifold, Throttle Body, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Driveshafts…

Keep Posted… I’m always updating… (1.2+ Million Hits on Car Domain)

Wanted to say Thanks to Cohen Noel for his active interest and support in project MP5T.



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